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The EMDR Meeting app is the most used online EMDR app in the Netherlands. There are already 543 clinics connected to the app. Due to COVID-19, the EMDR Meeting app is offered free of charge for every therapist.


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"Nice to be able to give multiple types of EMDR. What I really like is offering an extra challenging stimulus, such as doing maths. This application contains everything to be able to dispel the risks."

D. Rozendom, Psychologist


Online EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven effective therapy that helps to process unpleasant and drastic experiences. EMDR is mainly used when you continue to suffer from a shocking event, such as (sexual) violence, a robbery or a traffic accident. Thanks to the use of the EMDR Meeting app, you can remotely treat your clients digitally. With this comprehensive app, you can seamlessly run a session via the treatment screen. The app offers sufficient stimuli that are easy to deploy.                                                                           

About Us

We have developed this EMDR Meeting app in collaboration with a group of psychologists and psychology clinics. We researched critical functionalities that are needed to perform an online EMDR session as desired. For this, interviews were carried out through desk research and tests were organised with several GZ psychologists. In this study, we looked at the wishes and needs of both the practitioner and the client. We also did a competitive analysis of similar apps and developed an improved version. The app is currently still in beta version while we continue to implement improvements based on the feedback we receive.

Benefits of online EMDR

Deployment of multiple stimuli simultaneously during the treatment session

Choose from a session package that suits your situation

Easy adjustment of the content, according to the wishes of the client

The Application

How does online EMDR with the EMDR Meeting app work?

As a practitioner, you can create an account in the application. Because of COVID-19 the EMDR treatment sessions are free of charge.
After this you can buy sessions in the profile screen. In the "Session" screen you can create a new session in which an automatic verification code is generated, which you can share with the client. A session is valid for 90 minutes. Only the therapist can control  the stimuli within the application via the control panel. The treatment screen contains enough stimuli and options to adjust the treatment. This optimizes the working memory of the client for various tasks. As a practitioner you can adjust the tasks yourself, but you can also have it changed randomly. In addition, you can make notes of the SUD and VOC scores to view the progress of your client later.

Video calling is not supported within the application, this communication will have to go through an external program of your choice. The application is intended as an addition to the video calling sessions.

Start an online EMDR session with the EMDR Meeting app

Create an account or if you already have an account click Login.

2. Ask new sessions for free if you don't have any sessions yet or click 'Start New Session'. 

3. A code will appear, send this code to the client.

4. The client logs in via join session, as soon as the client is logged in you can start the session. 

Features of the online EMDR Meeting app

Free updates

Adjust the color of the stimulus and background

Add images as a background

Add random words

Add stereo sounds

Change the color and shape of the stimulus randomly

Write down a client's scores yourself during a treatment session

Change the speed, direction and shape of the stimulus

Keep a register of your performed treatment sessions

Pricing of the online EMDR Meeting app

The costs to run the session are in the session packages. The smallest package consists of 5 sessions, which can be used individually. This session is not linked to a client. You can also have the session paid by the client through a payment link.
Session packages are visible below. The prices of these session packages include BTW and exclude  €0,35 transaction costs. Due to COVID-19, the EMDR app is free to use. When this no longer applies, the prices below will be used.

1 Session


10 Sessions


20 Sessions


40 Sessions


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"What a great online application to use during EMDR treatments. The EMDR Meeting application is easy to use and offers many different distraction tasks to load the working memory of the client. My clients experience this app as pleasant and enjoy being able to continue to follow EMDR treatments remotely in this way, especially in these times."


"I started using the EMDR Meeting app on the advice of one of my colleagues. This app is very easy to use, for the client and for me. I think it’s really an addition to video calling sessions I have with clients. The great thing about this app is that there is a possibility to change the shape, speed, direction and color of the stimulus."

Clinical psychologist

"After hesitating for a long time, I took the step to start giving EMDR treatments online. Thanks to this EMDR Meeting app I can easily treat clients. In my experience, this online app works just as effectively as a face-to-face treatment. During the EMDR treatment, the client only sees the screen of the app, which allows the client to focus extra intense. In addition, the client indicates that it is very nice not to see the therapist, sometimes  this causes distraction. I am very positive and intend to use this application a lot."


"Recently I started using this application. The EMDR Meeting app is a good addition to my EMDR treatments. In this application there are several options to make the stimulus appear. It is possible to add a stimulus that you can hear or see. You can easily change the simulus, for example from a shape to a word that appears on the screen. In addition, the EMDR Meeting app is pleasant to control during a video calling session."

Due to COVID-19, the EMDR Meeting app is currently offered free of charge for every therapist/psychologist. Under the heading ‘Pricing’ are the current prices that will be used when the COVID-19 situation has decreased.

The client does not need to create an account. Before the treatment session starts, the therapist/psychologist will forward the link via email. When the client clicks on this link, the code sent to the practitioner can be entered. As soon as the client has entered the code, they participate in the treatment session. For each session the client is sent a new code.

This is the link where the client can fill in the code: app.emdrmeeting.com/deelnemen

This website is designed for the therapists/psychologists. Clients can find more information on this website about how the EMDR Meeting app is used during a treatment and what it entails exactly.

The clients cannot buy sessions themselves. The therapist can create an account and purchase sessions through this account. Then the therapist can send a payment request to the client. This is done via a payment request which is sent by the therapist/psychologist via Zorg Messenger or another secure chat/email environment that the psychologist uses. The client can only pay if it’s requested by the psychologist/therapist. This is always done before the sessions take place.

The VOD/SUC scores that a client gives during the treatment must be recorded by the therapist/psychologist himself.

Video calling is not supported within the EMDR Meeting app. This communication will have to take place via an external online video calling program of your choice. The application is intended to complement the video calling session.

The EMDR Meeting app works on all devices that use an internet browser to surf the internet. We recommend using the app on a laptop or desktop. As a result, the image during a treatment session is as large as possible.

The EMDR Meeting app works on all browsers. We recommend Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

The EMDR Meeting app supports an online video calling session. To be able to follow the eyes of the client, you can make the screen of the EMDR Meeting app smaller and place it next to the screen of the video call session. The console will then adjust to the smaller screen so that you can still use all the functions.

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To create an account, please fill in the contact form below. After this you will receive an email with more information about where to log in and your personal login details. Giving EMDR treatment sessions via this EMDR application is free because of COVID-19.

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